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【1】I think it extremely dangerous, so far as Western civilized communities

are concerned, to imagine that there are better systems than democracy.

【2】In 1968, when I first went to Japan, it was so commonly assumed that

all foreigners were American, that I was often asked as a first question, “What

state are you from?”

【3】It is probable that it is because of the wider spacing between individuals

which is usual in the countryside that rural folk are less tense, more friendly

and better mannered than urban people.

【4】While speech is more effective in rapid and easy communication with

people who are present, it is writing which makes possible effective

communication over time and space

【5】The clothing style of television newscasters has a strong influence on

whether we trust them or not. When newscasters dress more conservatively,

the ratings are high, probably because this type of dress is consistent with

what we expect newscasters to wear.

【6】Everyone knows a language. After all, five-year-old children are almost

as good at speaking and understanding it as their parents are. Yet the ability

to carry out the simplest conversation requires profound knowledge that

speakers are unaware of. This is as true of speakers of Japanese as of English


【7】In the earliest stages of man’s development he had no more need of

money than animals have. As he became more civilized, however, he began to

want better shelter, more efficient tools and weapons, and more comfortable

and more lasting clothing than could be provided by his own neighborhood or

by the work of his own unskilled hands. For these things he had to turn to the

skilled people. It is then that the question of payment arouse.

【8】Language, like other forms of social activity, has to be appropriate to the

speaker using it. This is why in many communities men and women’s speech

is different. In certain societies, a man might be laughed if he used language

inappropriate to his sex.

【9】The factories were built in a few special areas where water or stream

power could be used to drive the new machines. People who needed work had

to move to industrial areas working for very low wages. In order for a family

to earn a living wage, many women and children also went to work in the

factories and coal mines. It cost less to employ women and children, and soon

they were two-thirds of the work force.

【11】The decisions of the oil-producing countries to raise the price of oil left

millions people unemployed in the west.

【12】So enthusiastic were the audience that not until the singer had given

another encore would they leave the concert hall.


【13】Japanese, like most of the world’s population, have to maintain a

wardrobe that is suitable for wide seasonal variations in weather. It may,

however, be difficult for some Japanese mothers, depending on their economic

situation, to meet the constant needs of their growing children for new


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